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Kris Flossie / BKV’94 Kris Flossie (cattery Markies de Carabbas) shows her true face.15 years friendship ends in court Years of dedication for the BKV’94 is rewarded with a subpoena! 
Why this page ? Sometimes you're just unlucky and stumble upon a breeder, that doesn't take the rules serious, sells unhealthy animals, or otherwise acts in a negative way in the catfancy and all related aspects. Here, we ventilate our opinion on people that we had to deal with, who feel they don't have to stick to certain rules and with whom the guarantee ends at the front door. We break the façade of supposed invulnerability to ventilate our own dissatisfaction and perhaps protect others from the misery that happened to us. All you can read here is based upon our own experience and believes.We allow everybody to form their own opinion about it.If you require more information about any of these topics,feel free to contact us privately and discrete.
Cattery Jethro’s Here you can read our dissapointing experience with cattery Jethro  Selling kittens is easy, but they should be healthy! When money becomes more important then feelings, you are at the wrong address at cattery Heavenly
Cattery von Dandeloh How a breeder can become an animal abuser. Read the story and find out why cattery von Dandeloh should be named von Shamedeloh!
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Here are some incidents that we feel are just shameful! All stories have evidence. By clicking the buttons below you can read the seperate stories in detail.
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